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Friday, January 17, 2014

Paul Albus Remembered - Some Stats

Paul Albus was one of those guys liked by everybody. To those he was friends with he was a good friend and a lot of fun to be around. He also was a very good offensive football player for Ridgewood - both as a receiver and a running back. I thought I'd share some of his stats.

For the 1972 Season (Senior year Championship Season):

Paul Led the team with 441 yards rushing averaging 4.9 yards a carry and scored 24 points rushing.

Paul had 7 receptions for 85 yards and 6 points.

He led the varsity team with 5 touchdowns for a total of 30 points.

He made All-League Honrable Mention.

He also made All-Suburban 2nd Team.

In his last career game, it was a big one. Ridgewood would clinch the NNJIL title on Thanksgiving Day against Fair Lawn. Paul rushed for 108 yards in that game and scored Ridgewood's only touchdown. A safety would seal the deal for Ridgewood in a hard fought, cold game with a score of 9-7.

#22 was fun to watch!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Graduation Day Press!

Below are some great newspaper photos from our graduation day. We had all hoped our graduation would be outside and as luck would have it was. As in years past, the Ridgewood graduation was unique - putting off the traditional academic gowns and hats in favor of long white gowns, bouquets of roses and white tuxedoes.

We would begin our long procession along our ivy-covered walls to the football field where we - one by one - were called to receive our diplomas. If I can ever figure out how to transfer a home movie I have of our graduation, I will post it!

The following clippings are thanks to Cindy Leather, Patti Crawford and Kathy Stella.

Above Barbi Wyrick on Graduation Day at RHS!

Above Agnes Rymer at RHS on Graduation Day - Agnes and Fred Strype would speak on our behalf.

Above l to r are Mimi Florance and Marianne Sullivan leading the girls procession on Graduation Day at RHS.

Above Patti Crawford with cast on her leg accepts her diploma.

Above retiring RHS principal William Leach receives a bicycle as a gift from the Class of 1973 presented by Class President Fred Strype.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Class of 1973 Reunion 2013 - Too Good, Too Short! Let's Have Another!

Well our 40th reunion was a success! We had about 170 people attend (not all of those were classmates however) and it sure looked like no one left or wanted to leave. The party continued at the bar for another couple of hours afterwards. I mean, I've asked friends of mine how their reunions were or if they even were interested in attending their old school reunions. They said more times than not that they weren't much fun - they didn't look forward to going - didn't want to go and that an outside company was running their reunion (impersonal), etc. When they ask about mine they almost can't believe it could be that great!

We started out Friday night at the Park West Tavern in downtown Ridgewood and took a personal guided tour of our high school on Saturday morning hosted by Dave Vanderbush - coach, teacher and former Athletic Director at RHS.

By 7pm Saturday night at the Sheraton Crossroads in Mahwah, there were a ton of people streaming into the ballroom. We didn't like having a cash bar but it seemed to work out fine.

I so missed getting the chance to talk with  a bunch of people but between doing the committee stuff it was so much fun seeing who was there.

Julie Nies and Mark Barnthouse - I couldn't believe I didn't realize you guys were married! They both look incredible! Paul Thomas, Steve MacKay, Boots Campbell, Agnes Rymer, Cara, Andy, Tad, Jimmy, Cindy Leather, Cindy Powers, Erica, Pete, Kinne, Tommy, Corey, Colleen, Anita, Katie, Wendy, Errol, Bob Davis, Gil Miller, Jim Saporito, Atella, Willy, Bradley, Alcock, Barbi, Arne, Theresa Oggero, James Lizza, John Oshin, Greg Rehe, Sue Gould, Nicky, Woody. Paul & Mary, Dave Burdick - I mean I could go on right? I'm one of those people that once you start rattling off the names, you want to finish - you don't want to leave anyone out but we had too big a turnout! To round off the evening, former teachers and football coaches Dave Vanderbush and Fern Gomez made an appearance to accept a championship plaque for the 1972 season (our varsity guys) which will go on the wall at RHS since the original was lost!

Coach Roger Sweeney was to be a special guest of the Class of 73 as well but Roger had suffered a stroke the week before. Roger and I just exchanged cards recently and he is doing well and recovering in Florida and sends all his very best wishes to everybody!

The bar was busy, but we got through some business which included honoring our football team, the Fair Lawn water tower crew and the varsity cheerleaders. Yes - we blew it and should have included the color guard and twirlers - but that's on me not the committee.

There were 13 original football players who attended the reunion - they were each given an autographed team photo signed by 15 players and 3 coaches including Head Coach Roger Sweeney. The Water Tower crew were given autographed photos of the painted tower and acrylic awards marking their daring feat a couple of days before the Thanksgiving game in Fair Lawn. The cheerleaders were each given roses. Then we had dinner and a lot of conversation, drinks and dancing.

Below are photos taken at the reunion - I will add more as I get them - we will post photos from Erica d'Elia and Janice Casper too! Included here are pictures from me, Cara Worthington, Patty Murray and Terri Dimodugno - enjoy!

We are planning the next one to be in 5 years so keep it in the back of your mind!!!

Yes the memory book is still being worked on - I got a little side-tracked but we're also still receiving questionnaires and we're laying out the photos. Please remember if you attended the reunion send your questionnaire if you haven't already. If you did not attend send your questionnaire and $15 to Rick Flannery, 86 Lake Ave, Danbury CT 06810.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Above l to r: Rick Flannery and Nick Lagos setting up in the ballroom. We could not have done this reunion without Terri DiModugno (who is the best at these things), John Wescott and Frank Petrucci. Despite Nick not wanting credit he deserves a lot - the music and the projectors to name 2 things!

Above l to r Terri DiModugno super hostess, Sharon DuFlocq and Patty "Bakes" Baker

Above Lorraine and Bob Davis light up the dance floor!

Above l to r: Rick Flannery and Dave Vanderbush. Dave used his booming coaches voice to pull people away from the bar!

Above l to r: water tower participants: Chris Bowe, Tom Nepola, Nick Lagos, Scott Gutting and Brian Tobin who received a special award!

Above l to r: varsity cheerleaders in attendance Patty Vanlenten, Janice Casper and Cindy Powers next to Nick Lagos, Scott Gutting, Brian Tobin, Tom Nepola and Chris Bowe.

Dave Vanderbush and Fern Gomez receive the team championship plaque for winning the NNJIL football championship our senior year. Dave and Fern would also receive the autographed team photo. The plaque should be up on the wall at RHS about now!

Above the new championship plaque that was awarded to the team. It was accepted by Dave Vanderbush and Fern Gomez the night of the reunion and will hang on the wall at RHS. The plaque is nowhere near as red as this - the flash made it appear that way!

Fern Gomez saying a few words upon receiving the NNJIL championship football award.

Above from l to r: Paul Vinroot, Jim Ranton and John Rymer. Frank Petrucci looks on in the foreground.

Above a photo of 3 RHS classics! L to r Jack Wolfstirn, Dave Vanderbush and John Wescott.

Above the varsity football team is honored. L to r front row: Tom Nepola, Dave Burdick, Jeff Lockhart, Dan Bradley, Arne Olsen, Paul Atella, Paul Thomas, Back row l to r: Paul Vinroot, Jim Ranton, John Rymer and Craig Hopewell. Jack Wolfstirn and John Wescott can't be seen.

The Class of 1973 varsity championship football team.

Above honoring the varsity cheerleaders: l to r Rick Flannery, Patty Vanlenten, Janice Casper and Cindy Powers.

Above the water tower crew gets their due! L to r: Brian Tobin, Rick Flannery (not water tower crew!), Chris Bowe, Tom Nepola, Nick Lagos and Scott Gutting. Chris Ferraro and Bob Haworth couldn't attend.

Above the water tower crew together again. L to r: Chris Bowe, Tom Nepola, Nick Lagos, Scott Gutting and Brian Tobin.

Above l to r: Craig Hopewell, Fern Gomez, Patty Vanlenten, Janice Casper and Cindy Powers.

Coach and beloved RHS teacher Fern Gomez.

Above - what the Water Tower guys received to mark their feat.

Above the water tower guys received this photo which was part of my collection - the guys autographed them Friday night.

Coach Roger Sweeney was to be a special guest as well but had suffered a stroke the week earlier. Roger and I just exchanged cards and he is doing quite well and recovering in Florida and sends all his very best wishes. Above - Roger was honored in 2012 as he was inducted into the RHS Hall of Fame. You can find this picture on the wall near the gym.

Above l to r: Terri DiModugno, Roy Zabriskie and Cindy Hoogland

Above l to r: Elaine Erickson Bradley, Terri DiModugno, Barbi Wyrick, Maggie Sipp

Patty Baker enjoying the evening! The champagne pictured was a gift from Kathy Stella and her husband Keith - thanks you guys! (Honestly the best champagne I ever had!)

Jimmy Appleton and wife Marjorie on the dance floor.

Above l to r: Glen Campbell, Kathy Saterson, Cara Worthington and Marty Paxton

Above l to r: ?, Ed Nalbantian, Cara Worthington, Kathy , Glen Campbell.

Above l to r: Elaine Erickson Bradley, Carmen Manganelli, Barbi Wyrick, Maggie Sipp

Above l to r: Sue Leahy and Mary Ann O'Rourke.

Above l to r: Tom Cermack, Dan Bradley, Brian Tobin, Chris Bowe and Steve MacKay.

Bob Davis and Lorraine still lighting up the dance floor!

Above l to r: Chic Voorhis, Greg Rehe, Sue Gould, and Theresa Oggero.

Above l to r: Terri DiModugno, Glen Campbell and Heather Campbell

Above l to r: June Keating,

Above l to r: John Nance, Lindsay Hess, Marjorie Appleton

Above l to r: Brian Tobin, Chris Bowe and Nick Lagos.

Above l to r: Mark Barnthouse and Julie Nies!

Above l to r: You guessed it - Lorraine and Bob Davis - still lighting up the dance floor!

Above 35 year old Carol "Puddy" Schleicher being serenaded by Roy Zabriskie.

Puddy Schleicher and Tommy O'Connor getting one of the last dances.

Above l to r Erica Diestel and Lindsay Hess

Above l to r: Patty Vanlenten, Denise Costigan, ?, ?, and Marty Paxton.

Above l to r Nick Lagos, Julie Nies and Sharon DuFlocq.

Above l to r Patty Vanlenten and Denise Costigan.

Above Bob and Lorraine Davis - yup, still lighting up the dance floor! You guys are good sports - we all had such a blast that night................

Above Gil Miller with his blow-up guitar he received for being one of the winners of the album of the week contest during the weeks that led up to the reunion.

Above Jeff Lockhart and Marty Paxton

Above Tommy O'Connor - does anyone have a better smile?

Above Paul Rypkema and Diane Coleman.

Above Glen School alumni at the reunion. L to r: Corey Duvall, Rick Flannery, Greg Rehe, Cara Worthington, John Wescott, Sue Nunno, Frank Petrucci, Katie Knight, Chic Voorhis and Ed Nalbantian. Missing was Paul Atella who also attended Glen School for a year before moving across town.

Above l to r: Kathy Saterson, Cara Worthington, Katie Knight

Above meeting up for breakfast together on Sunday morning. From l to r: Cindy Leather, Rick Flannery, Cara Worthington and Katie Knight before we all headed back to Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey and California respectively!

I'll post more reunion photos as I get them! It was a great time and I can't wait til the next one! Corey Duvall got it right when he said that getting back together with the Ridgewood crowd we grew up with is special - with all the people you meet in your life - many come and go but you guys will always be there with no conditions.........